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Raymond Bonnett Reveals Great Ways to Get More Involved in Your Children’s Life

Raymond Bonnett of West Chester, PA, is a business professional working toward his MBA at West Chester University who is interested in leadership development, investing, and entrepreneurship. But first and foremost, Raymond Bonnett is a family man.

When he’s not working or taking classes in West Chester, PA, Ray Bonnett enjoys spending time with his son by sharing his love of motocross with him or actively participating in his son’s club soccer organization.

But Raymond Bonnett knows that it’s not always easy for parents to balance their work life or other interests with spending quality time with their children. In order to make achieving this a little easier, Raymond Bonnett is here to reveal some great ways parents can get more involved in their children’s life.

Family Meals

Eating family meals together on a regular basis presents great opportunities to talk about the day with one another and share what’s on your mind. It can also be a time to unwind and have a few laughs while enjoying a nice home-cooked meal (or takeout pizza if that’s more up your ally). Studies have actually shown that kids who have meals with their family regularly are less likely to get involved with drugs or alcohol.

Regular Family Meetings

If you make family meetings a regular occurrence in your household, they can become more constructive and effective without seeming like a discipline session or lecture to children. Make these meetings an open forum for discussion where you not only let your child know what’s on your mind but also leave time to hear all of their concerns and answer all of their questions. Family meetings are an excellent time to bring up household rule changes or to make big announcements.

Set Aside Time for Activities

Life is busy, but parents should make it a priority to establish some time in their weekly schedule to spend doing something fun with their children like going to the park, going to see a ball game, getting ice cream, etc. These can be great ways to build lasting memories and also helps strengthen trust and communication between parents and their children.

Help with a School Project

Taking an interest in your child’s education shows that you care and can serve as a bonding experience. Homeschooling is one way to really be involved in your child’s entire educational process, but even just working on a school project with them every once in a while should suffice. You need to be careful of being too hands on and doing your child’s work for them, but being there to lend a helping hand and give support are what parents are there for.

Raymond Bonnett hopes this blog helps bring many parents their children closer together. Visit this blog again soon for more life advice from Ray Bonnett of West Chester, PA.

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